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is a Manufacturer, Distributor and Wholesaler of the Worlds Largest Line of
Tattoo, Piercing, Permanent Makeup and Medical Supplies and Equipment for Professionals.

CAM Tattoo Supplies is the world's largest in the manufacture and distribution of quality professional tattoo supplies and equipment, piercing supplies and equipment, medical supplies and equipment, permanent cosmetic supplies and equipment, tattoo needles, tattoo ink, sterile tattoo needles, tattoo machines, pre-made tattoo needles, tattoo power supply units, kuro sumi tattoo outlining ink and kuro sumi shading ink, piercing needles, tattoo flash, body piercing tools, body jewelry, tattoo studio equipment, tattoo colors, tattoo ink, Tatwax ink colors, Tatwax tattoo aftercare products, disinfecting and sanitation products, and many more supplies and equipment. We carry an unbeatably extensive line of products for your professional tattooing and piercing needs, and we specialize in the manufacture of high quality tattoo needles and piercing needles at unbeatable prices. Professionals are invited to contact us to set up an account and begin ordering all your needed tattoo supplies and piercing supplies today!

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CAM Tattoo Supplies:

About CAM Supply, Inc.

CAM Tattoo Supplies is a manufacturer and wholesaler of tattoo supplies and equipment, body piercing supplies and equipment, and permanent makeup equipment for the tattooing, body piercing and permanent makeup professional. We manufacture high quality tattoo needles that are available separately, as pre-made tattoo needles on bar or as pre-made tattoo needle heads with bars separate. We also manufacture high quality piercing needles. Because we are a manufacturer we are able to make our top quality tattoo needles and piercing needles available to tattoo and piercing professionals at a very economical price!

In addition, we have the most complete line of tattoo supplies, some of which include: tattoo ink, a large selection of tattoo machines, body piercing tools, body jewelry including barbells, banana barbells and CBR, permanent make-up tools, tips, tubes, grips and more.

Our medical supply line for the tattoo, body piercing and permanent makeup artist includes disinfectants, sterilization supplies and equipment, rubber gloves, ointments and more.

Thank you for choosing CAM Tattoo Supplies for your professional body modification supplies and equipment.